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About Myself

Jenn's Story

The path of healing is my passion and purpose. After discovering this truth, I ventured to Sedona, Arizona, where I studied a broad range of healing modalities at the Sedona School of Massage Therapy. My foundation is rooted in the latin phrase: Vis Medicatrix Naturae, the healing power of nature. As an avid lover of the outdoors, I started to recognize the intelligent healing power that all of nature possesses. I believe human beings can reflect this innate healing after returning to their true nature. Through studying with masters in the industry, I have found that body work is most effective when dealing with health issues ranging from pain management to mental health. Each session is individually designed to fit one's personal needs.  I specialize in passive soft tissue manipulation techniques and also work within the connective tissue of the body, using John Barnes, Myofascial Release. Energetically, I have been attuned as a Reiki Master Teacher and work with the energetic systems of the body that promote healing at the deepest cellular and etheric levels. 


My Holistic Services


Massage Therapy

Holistic Touch

Healthy touch is a crucial part of health care that creates a holistic approach to maintaining wellness. Massage therapy has been proven to help lower stress, boost the immune system, relieve muscle tension, and fight disease at systemic levels. By creating a safe space for one to relax, Jenn listens to your needs while making you feel cared for at all times.

Myofascial Release

Deep & Lasting Results

Jenn has studied under Myofascial Release pioneer, John Barnes. Myofasical Release works specifically within the fascia of the body. What is fascia? Fascia is a 3-D web like component that acts as connecting tissue for internal structures.  After one has experienced trauma to the body-physical or emotional-fascia reacts by creating a holding pattern to protect the affected region of the structure. This pattern layers over time and eventually leads to systemic issues . Myofascial Release works specifically to unwind this 3-D like web and can help release years of holding patterns held within our human containers.

Osteopath at Work
Prenancy in White

Prenatal Massage

Healing for you & baby!

Helping a mother create a relaxing and nuturing enviornment for her child is one of Jenn's greatest honors and something she takes very seriously at True Nature Massage & Wellness. Always thinking of your comfort, Jenn creates a relaxing atmosphere by providing pillows and bolsters to aid you in lying comfortably in a side-line position.  Prenatal massage is recommended in the second and third trimester only and can reduce back and joint pain, while also promoting deeper sleep at night.


Gentle & Effective

Reiki (pronounced Ray-kee) is an energetic modality originating from Japan. It is a healing modality that works specifically within the seven chakras of the human energetic body. These chakras each correlate to a specific gland that is located in the physical body and are responsible for the life force or vitality of the human existence. Rei (ray) is the intelligent healing force that exists within the external universe, ki (kee) is the internal life force that exists within the human complex. When combining these two energies, one can reach forms of deep relaxation, emotional clarity and mindful awareness.

Reiki Treatment

True Nature: Your Path to Wellness

A Natural Way to Heal

When arriving at True Nature Massage & Wellness, you will first fill out an intake form asking you a range of questions regarding your mental, physical and emotional health. Jenn then takes the time to ask you some deeper inquiries that involve your specific wants and needs of the session. After reviewing your current state of health, Jenn works intuitively on the affected areas using a range of modalities to help promote healing at the deepest levels. After the session, Jenn will provide you with individual treatment plans to insure a successful outcome.


I will meet you with compassion
I will offer you a space
I will hold you in love
I will listen with grace
The path of healing is my passion
It is my souls greatest quest
to ignite the light within others
& lay their shadows down to rest

Jenna Rink



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